My Skills

Hello, I'm Stefan

I'm currently pursuing my studies in Interactive Media at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. It's a journey that blends the realms of technology and design, enriching my understanding and shaping my approach to the digital world.

Music Production & Audio Design

Under the name "Bassjunke," I dive into the EDM scene, sharing songs that echo my long-standing passion for audio design.

3D Art & VFX

University has opened the door to 3D design for me, letting me explore essential tools like Autodesk Maya and SideFX Houdini, and unlock new creative realms.

Photo & Video

Every second, over 1,000 visuals hit social media worldwide, making it crucial to stand out with a compelling narrative in your creations.


My story unfolds at the age of 12, when I stumbled upon the world of music production, marking my entry into the realm of creativity. By 2017, at 19, I released my first single, "Everyday," a milestone that brought to light the stark realization: my self-made artworks, crafted with GIMP, left much to be desired. This prompted a pivotal turn towards experimenting with Blender. I quickly developed a knack for modeling, and it soon became a second branch of my creative pursuits.

Parallel to this burgeoning creative journey, I pursued a formal education in electronics for industrial engineering. However, upon completing my training, the call of creativity was too strong to ignore. I chose to veer down the creative path, securing a spot at Augsburg University to study Interactive Media—a decision that has since shaped my future.

During my studies, I joined "Zeichenwerk," a company specializing in seminars for landscape architecture drawing, as a working student. This role, alongside my academic endeavors, allowed me to amass extensive experience in video editing and image production and editing, further enriching my creative skill set and paving the way for a future where my passions and profession align.

I also like cats :)





Commercial for a local Beer Brewery

As part of a pilot project for a local microbrewery called 'Saubräu Welden,' a short advertisement was filmed according to the client's request. However, it's important to mention that I personally distance myself from the consumption of alcohol or any other drugs.

Used Software:
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Image Line FL Studio

Shot on Sony ZV-E 10 with 55mm Lens

Paraplay Hacklab: Pongcannon

In the context of the 'Physical Interfaces: Paraplay Hacklab' course, two fellow students and I were tasked with hacking an existing game. We chose the childhood classic 'Worms.' Utilizing Arduino, 3D printing, CAD, and my knowledge from my training as an electrician, we designed this apparatus that allows for shooting ping pong balls into cups. Through a controller, it can be moved along two axes.

Used Software:
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Image Line FL Studio

Shot on Sony ZV-E 10 with 55mm Lens


3D - Design

University Project: Spaceship Landing

During my first semester, I had the opportunity to enroll in a 3D animation course. In this course, we were tasked with creating a short film that depicted the landing of a spaceship, illustrated the spaceship loading containers, and then taking off again.
Used Software:

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Autodesk Maya
Avid ProTools

University Project: Game Art

My last completed 3d project.
Our course aimed to create stills for a potential video game. I decided to create a kind of escape room game over three time levels.
Only three scenes were designed using 3d software. The "game" is not playable.
In the invented game the player has to discover a problem in the timeline within Augsburg and solve it over three time levels. The individual scenes take place in the early 20s, the 50s and in the future

Used Software: 
- Autodesk Maya (Modeling & Rendering)
- Adobe Substance Painter (Textures)
- SideFX Houdini (Cloth Simulation)
- Adobe Lightroom (Film Grain, Colorgrade)



Music Drives Me

I have been pursuing my passion for music production for more than 10 years now. In this little Spotify player you can listen to some of my songs. However, the quality is worse than the official player.

With a click on the title picture it opens my artist channel from spotify in a new tab, where you can listen to the songs in good quality

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